About Michael J. Waddell

[Picture of me] Here is a picture of me taken in Morocco (the one in Epcot, not the one in Africa) during my honeymoon.

Most profiles either sound like resumé cover letters or personal ads. So, if you want the resumé cover letter version, see my professional site Waddell Informatics. If you want the personal ad version, you're out of luck.

This page contains descriptions of me of various types. For answers to specific quesions, see the eclectic mix that is my Frankly Answered Questions page.

My Geekcode (Version 3.1):

GCS/M/AT d-(?) s+:+@>:- C++(+++)>++++ UBL++++ P++>++++ E--- W-(++) N w(--)--- M++(-) V-- PS+@ PE+() Y+ PGP++ t* X- tv+@ b+(++)>+++ DI++++ G++ e*(+++)>++++ h--- r+++ y+++>++++

My Simpsons Geekcode (Version 1.3):

LIS+++ APU+++* MOL++ FRI+ GIL- TRO++ f+++ n+ I>wlps 9F15,3G01,3F18,2F05,2F03

My Good Eats Geekcode (Version 1.1):

GE++(+++)>+++++ AB+++ W++ MB+(++) PM--(++) SC+(--)@ MFC+ DD++ e++>+++ sc+ pt++>+++ rec>rec++ tg+ tf+++ FP++

My Geekiness:

58.1854% - Extreme Geek

My Political Compass:

[My Political Compass]

Euclidean distance from me to each of the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election Candidates:
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian): 7.2
John Kerry (Democrat): 8.1
David Cobb (Green): 8.1
Ralph Nader (Independent): 8.5
George W. Bush (Republican): 11.7
Walt Brown (Socialist): 12.4
Michael Peroutka (Constitution): 14.9