Software Projects

Close window on startup

Close SSH Agent window on startup.

Operating System(s): MacOSX
Programming Language: Objective-C

SSH Agent is a great little utility. However, it always leaves it's main window open after launch (even if you tell it to start hidden). Thus, I wrote this small patch to add a hidden preference: "Close Window On Startup" that will do just that.

Version 0.1 (Patch for Version 1.0.3) Initial Release

Released 02:29pm Feb 4, 2005

CVSable Connected Files

This one-line patch to the Greymatter journal software makes connected files use the underscore instead of the hyphen, so the resulting files are CVSable.

Version 0.1 (Patch for Version 1.3) Initial Release

Released 04:26pm Feb 17, 2005

Greymatter {{readfile}}

This patch adds a new directive, {{readfile <filename>}}, which will read in the contents of the specified filename (whose path is specified relative to {{logwebpath}}) at that point within the document.

Version 0.1 (Patch for Version 1.3) Initial Release

Released 04:18pm Feb 17, 2005


MJWlibC is a library of C++ classes and functions that I have written. It is designed to be object oriented and to be lightweight and efficient whenever possible.

Development Status: Beta
License: GNU General Public License
Programming Language: C++

Version 1.0beta (Source) (Documentation) Initial Release

Released 07:48pm Feb 26, 2003

Toggle Hidden Files

Toggle hidden files in Finder.

Operating System(s): MacOSX
Programming Language: Applescript

Toggle whether or not the Finder should display hidden files. Works great as a Toolbar icon.

Version 1.0 (Binary) (Source) Initial Release

Released 02:02pm Feb 4, 2005